Friday, December 2, 2011

What is THAT in your hand?

So, of the many interactions I find myself having "in scene" on a regular basis, the phrase "What is THAT (or thhaaatttt) in your hand, sir?" is what I hear most frequently.

Now before I delve in to this topic, let me provide some context real quick.  Spanking is just a general term, which we can all agree means in some capacity that someones butt, or bottom if you prefer, is going to be struck by "something".  In a professional sense, we refer to this "something" as an implement. Outside of a person's hand, an implement is usually a piece of leather or piece of wood in one shape / form or another.  Then again, an implement need not be relegated to simple leather or wood, but let's save that for a later post.

Implements.....  Why do I use them, why do they even exist?  NO, it isn't just for the pleasure of us "tops" (people who spank) or those "bottoms" (people who get spanked).  Implements, in the world of consensual spanking exist for a multitude of reasons which I could not hope to cover completely in this one post.  What I will say given the blog title (scroll up if you have forgotten the purpose of this post) is that used properly, an implement should bring enjoyment and satisfaction both physically and emotionally to the spanking.

Let me now answer the question, what is THAT in my hand...  That which is in my hand could very well be a lovely leather paddle which produces a moderate sting similar to my hand, a small wood paddle if the  bottom warrants a bit more attention, a cane or a hairbrush (more on my hairbrush collection soon).  Really the answer is, any implement which I know will illicit a particular reaction, emotion and outcome from the bottom.  This here is the key, a spanking is a journey which begins far before my hand, or one of these implements makes contact and ends sometime after the last reddening stroke is delivered.

Now to hold myself true to my commitment of honesty and completeness, it is also necessary to add at this point that I use implements at times to simply protect my hand from over-use.  Yes, one can over-spank just as one can over exert any part of one's body.  However, that is not the point of this blog post, and I do promise to cover this more humorous aspect of spanking at a later date as I recollect one or more of the parties I attend.

You see friends, a consensual spanking is much more than just a physical altercation producing pain.  It is a shared moment in time and when done properly, both parties find pleasure and satisfaction.  From the moment I hear the question, to the hug after the spanking has ended, I know that I have complete control of the scene and that the bottom is expecting to be treated safely, sanely, respectfully, maybe even harshly or severely....In a word, consensually.

With that, I will leave you for now.  If you have enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoyed writing, then we have both entered what is commonly referenced as a "headspace".  This is the topic we will tackle next time.


Mr. Avery


  1. Well, what WAS in your hand? Inquiring minds want to know. ;-)And your hairbrush collection will take a month of posts to delve into. Just sayin'.

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