Sunday, November 20, 2011

Blogging. It doesn't happen through osmosis does it?

Just a short note which I hope to look back upon with a smile at some subsequent date in the future.  Shortly I do intend on finishing one of now 3 or is it 4 draft blog posts.  However, I feel it is important to write these few sentences to articulate my level of commitment to this blog, and to act as a kick in the literary pants at what this commitment means to me.

When I decided on my blog title, and wrote my first blog entry, I did so knowing that I was not simply subscribing myself to a simple journaling project, or a quick post with a few words about spanking to make me feel good about myself.

The point of this blog is to communicate what I perceive as consensual spanking, or for that matter, what consensual anything is, focused of course on adult / kink topics.  My goal is to write engaging and thoughtful posts which are enjoyable to read, informative at times, but above all, sincere...truthful...and honest.

So, where do we go from here you hopefully are asking right about now.  Well, that question I believe has 3 connected answers.

1.  Rayne will be sternly dealt with tonight for not fully preparing me for this engagement.
2.  I will earnestly focus on a single entry to get out later tonight.
3.  I will learn from this experience, the encouraging comments I have already received and my only growing desire to succeed.


Mr. Avery

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Expectations & A Welcome

Now there is a word to kick off a conversation.

Expectations, with this one word, I have given us the freedom to explore just about anything quite frankly. Why are you reading this blog for instance, what is your expectation?  As a top what are my expectations?  What do I expect of a bottom in general?   What about a bottom during a scene with me?  How about general behavior at a party?  I could go on, but then why create a blog when I could simply write a thesis.

For now, I simply wanted to frame what this blog will be about.  In other words, pretty much anything related to spanking is fair game.

My expectations of you, my audience, is to understand that anything I blog about is honest, sincere and thoughtful.  I do not expect you to agree with my thoughts, in fact, if you always agree with me, then you are not being sincere.  We are unique creatures, who have either a shared interest in spanking, or a different perspective and you just happened upon my blog for any number of reasons.  Either way, I welcome you, and am appreciative of the time you spend here with me and my thoughts.

If inclined, do leave a comment and engage in conversation.  Be assured that as long as you are respectful, I will treat you the same.

For now, welcome to my blog,  may we all learn and grow from the journey.

Mr. Arthur L. Avery